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Super Harry rewarded

06 May 2018

Faversham Strike Force FC Club Manager, Gary Axford was delighted to reward coach and young leader, Harry Suter with his first FA Football Futures certificate.

The FA Football Futures programme is an excellent opportunity for young people to gain further knowledge and insight into various roles within football and can offer the start of a great adventure through volunteering in sport.

Harry was rewarded for being part of the FA Football Futures programme with a certificate to recognise his achievement of completing 10 hours volunteering certificate.

Gary Axford said, “Harry defies many other 12 year olds by giving up his time to support other young people within the club. Harry is on time and commits every Sunday morning to support our new Year R group where most young people choosing to stay in bed or play Xbox whereas Harry gives up his time unconditionally”.

If you are interested in volunteering with the club please email info@favershamstrikeforce.co.uk.