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Faversham Strike Force FC
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Award for club's volunteer force

21 March 2018

Faversham Strike Force FC emerged victorious at last week’s Volunteer Swale Awards as they claimed the honours in the ‘contribution to sport’ category.

The club went home with the trophy in recognition of the outstanding efforts of their 80 volunteers who put in almost £150,000-worth of work each season to keep their 20 teams running. That is how much it would cost the club if they paid their volunteers the minimum wage for the time they spend coaching and supporting the 300 players they have registered.

The annual awards, held last Thursday (15 March), are organised by Swale Borough Council to recognise the hard work of those special individuals and groups who give their time to put something back in to their community.

Club manager Gary Axford said: “We have the best volunteer workforce since the club was started in 1999. The group’s passion and enthusiasm have seen our volunteers give almost 20,000 hours unconditionally over the last 12 months. This award delivered the huge pat on the back that this fantastic group of people deserve. We are very proud of all our volunteers.

“Without them we simply do not have a club – 300-plus players completing at least three hours of physical activity each week in addition to the community development and engagement through weekly sessions. This season the volunteers have also raised over £1,000 for local charities through coffee mornings, coaches matches and a quiz evening.”
The club’s volunteers include officials, managers, coaches and team support staff. Strike Force also currently have nine young leaders who give up time to referee, coach and manage within the club structure every weekend. 

“They are brilliant role models for other teenagers and the younger players,” added Axford. “They volunteer every weekend without fail and are a true club asset.”

This year the club carried out a comprehensive review of their structure to ensure they remain modern and fit for purpose, leading to the appointment of additional volunteers such as a facilities manager, parent liaisons and development officers. 

In addition to having a fully compliant and qualified volunteer club welfare officer, the club is committed to ongoing investment in its volunteers. They currently have 32 FA Level 1 coaches, six FA Level 2 coaches, two UEFA B Licence coaches and one UEFA A Licence student. club has invested £1,225 on seven more new coaches to complete the FA Level 1 and £3,150 for eight to progress and complete the FA Level 2 Coaching in Football.