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Date Added 27/06/2017

Faversham Strike Force ladies coach and player, Natalie Curtis came runner up at the third annual FA Mars Just Play Awards held at England’s National Football Centre, St George’s Park, on Monday.

The award recognises an individual, team, organiser or Just Play centre that has successfully addressed the needs of their local community and has gone the extra mile to make a lasting contribution to encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. The winner will have created Just Play sessions and coaching tailored to the needs of local people and moved beyond casual football to competitions, leagues and even other sports.

Natalie, who came runner up to the Kent based Shepway Fathers League has organised the Just Play Centre in Faversham for the last 7 years with over hundred local female players enjoying the game for the first time thanks to her dedication and commitment to offer a safe and fun environment.

Natalie allowed a local University to make a short film about the sessions and this helped to spread the word. It also made the ladies feel a little bit special that evening! 

Many girls who were training at a young age now represent the clubs ladies team which demonstrates how well Natalie’s hard work pays off at keeping women in the game. There are 16 regular attendees and there are always new members who turn up and Just Play. 

Natalie makes sure the Just Play sessions and coaching is tailored to the needs of local people by arranging it on a night that works for the majority. She is flexible with the times as she understands many of our ladies have children and work late, two common barriers to participation that Natalie overcomes.  

She demonstrates outstanding efforts have continued to have a positive impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of all attendees. She gives ladies an opportunity to ‘Just Play’ and forget about everything else. The sessions are competitive and of a high intensity which gives the ladies a full mid-week work out. 

Diba Artingstoll, who stars for the club’s ladies team praised Natalie further by saying, “She lives and breathes football. Her outstanding contribution to the community, to participation in sport and to the game is truly admirable. She ensures that everyone in the local community feels welcome to join in by getting the word out. She communicates with all members, past and present to let them know they can come and simply ‘Just Play’ and play the game we all love.”

For more details on our ladies team and Just play session please email info@favershamstrikeforce.co.uk