Faversham Strike Force FC
Faversham Strike Force FC
Helping each player to be the best that they can be

Our Vision

Faversham Strike Force Football Club will exist for the benefit of our members, supporters and local community.

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to the personal, social, physical, technical development and health of all players.

By providing a safe, enjoyable, learning environment, individuals will be given the opportunity to express themselves whilst being challenged to maximise their potential.

In pursuit of this goal; we will help each player to be the best that they can be, and a collaborative effort will ensure we are ‘one winning team’.

OUR VISION - Our vision serves as the framework and guide for us to deliver our mission statement.

We will put the development and enjoyment of the team and players before the result.

We will give every child the opportunity to develop through match day and training experiences.

We will help players achieve their full potential.

We will provide a positive environment.

Through the power of football we will try to develop good, responsible young people.

Over the course of the football season we will ensure players have the opportunity to develop a number of experiences by rotating positions, formations and using varied tactics. 

We will encourage teams, players and officials to play at the highest level possible but we will always operate on a prudent and strong financial basis. 

If you are interested in joining one of Kent's top football club's and want to come along to one of our training sessions, please use the teams tab to contact the manager or contact Club Manager, Gary Axford on 07730454626 or FAVERSHAMSTRIKEFORCEFC@MAIL.COM.